JT12 | JT15D | T62T | GTCP36

Engine, APU, & Accessory Services

AVMATS Engine Support specializes in overhaul, major repair Pratt & Whitney engines, and the Sundstrand and Honeywell  APUs. Our inventory includes serviceable JT15D, JT12A-8 engines, and T62 and GTCP36 Series APUs, which are available on an exchange basis.

Our 42,000 sq. ft. facility includes a Test Cell correlated by OEMs for Pratt & Whitney JT15D and JT12A engines and a second Test Cell for APUs. Based in the St. Louis metropolitan area, AVMATS Engine Support is an FAA & EASA 145 repair station, performing overhauls and repairs since 1991.

JT12 and JT15D Engine Services

Engine Services

AVMATS Engine Support conducts 90% of all rework and repairs in-house. This includes overhauling fuel control units, fuel pumps, fuel nozzles, flow dividers, motive flow valves, anti-ice valves, EGT harness, weld repairs, and heat treating. Performing these capabilities in-house ensures the quality of work meets the standards of AVMATS Engine Support Quality Control and also reduces turn-around time.

T62T and GTCP36 APU Services

APU Services

AVMATS Engine Support’s Propulsion Designated Engineer Representative (DER) allows us to utilize the repair, development, and approvals as set forth by the FAR’s. DER repairs, in some cases, allow us to identify a design flaw in a part that would normally be scrapped. AVMATS Engine Support utilizes today’s technology to not only repair that part but to improve it, reducing the possibility of scrapping the part in the future. By performing DER repairs, we reduce the cost of the engine / APU overhaul and reduce downtime.

Accessory Services

Accessory Services

AVMATS Engine Support’s Accessory Shop includes all required Test Benches needed to perform full overhaul testing of engine and APU accessories, including fuel controls, fuel pumps, anti-ice valve, motive flow valve, fuel nozzles, fuel manifolds, oil pumps, oil coolers, and oil scavenge pumps for the JT12, JFTD12, JT15D, CF700, T62-T39, T62-T40 Series, GTCP30-92, GTCP36-100 Series, and the GTCP36-150 Series.