Accessory Services

Fuel Accessories

  •  Valves
  •  Pumps
  •  Nozzles
  •  Manifolds

Oil Accessories

  •  Valves
  •  Pumps
  •  Coolers
  •  Anti-Ice Valves

Fuel Accessory Services

  • Fuel Control Unit and Pump support services including inspection and test.
  • Fuel Nozzle (full or obstructed) flow testing and inspection services including precise per nozzle spray pattern, angle, pressure, and streaking measurements.
  • Fuel Manifold testing support for a variety of Engine and APU models.
  • Pressure & Dump Valve testing support for a variety of Engine and APU models.
  • APU fuel control support services including inspection and test.

Oil Accessory Services

AVMATS Engine Support offers support testing of oil pumps, scavenge pumps, coolers, and fuel oil coolers. Oil Support is capable of flow testing up to five (5) scavenge elements, in addition to a lube element, simultaneously.

Anti-Ice Valve Services

AVMATS Engine Support offers Anti-Ice Valve testing support and is part of standard overhaul completion. Valves can be tested up to 1,500 psi with available power up to 28 VDC and regulated air supply up to 250 psig.

Support Services

To compliment AVMATS Engine Support’s maintenance, repair, and overhaul capabilities, AVMATS Engine Support offers an array of support services such as NDT, Welding, Heat Treatment, Coatings & Paint, Machining.

Non-Destructive Testing

Level II & Level III NAS410 compliant

  • Magnetic Particle
  • Ultrasound
  • Eddy Current
  • Fluorescent Penetrant

Welding, Heat Treatment, and Coating Services

  •  Certified Welding of Aluminum, Magnesium, Stainless, Hastelloy, Steel
  •  Painting and coating services offered with environmental humidity-controlled booths
  •  Available Coatings: Cadmium, HVOF, Nickel, Chrome, Silver, and Sermatel
  •  500° - 2,400°F Computerized and Monitored Heat Treatment Atmosphere Oven ##Machining Services AVMATS Engine Support operates a full and dedicated aerospace machine shop complete with CAD design, three-dimensional scanning, and CNC integration. AVMATS Engine Support’s Machine Shop is equipped with:

  • (6) CNC Vertical Mills ( Fryer, Cincinatti & Bridgeport models )

  • (5) CNC & Manual Lathes ( Fryer, American, Butler, Leblond )
  • (4) Internal and External Grinders ( Haria, Elite, Brown&Sharp, Landis )